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Renjfilds is a company based in Nairobi Kenya that was established in september 2016 that seeks to close in on wholesale supplies and distribution of packaging products.

We specialize in production and distribution of Manilla Papers & Packaging boxes. The boxes in stock can hold 4KG’s and 10KG’s of product quantity. What we pride in as a business is the uniqueness, efficiency, timely delivery and quality products. Our products packaging products are able to guide your business packaging statistics.

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Manilla paper is a paper variety that is made from semi-bleached wood fibers and was used to create file folders, envelopes, and manilla boards.


Packaging Boxes

Packaging Boxes - The cartons come in different sizes. I.e 4Kg’s and 10Kg’s The packaging boxes currently available are: Mango packaging boxes Pawpaws packaging boxes Avocados Pineapples Apples Uses of the packaging boxes Perishable fruits storage

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